Advent Calendar: December 17

December 17th on the Advent Calendar and this pic offers a sense of mysterium, as seen here with the Domplatz in Erfurt, the capital city of Thuringia. Photographed by Erfurt City (see its page on Instagram), the photo shows the lighted Erfurter Dom Cathedral in the background which almost disappears with the fog. In the foreground are the Christmas Tree and the Christmas Pyramid. Erfurt’s Christmas market is literally spread out into five different areas throughout its historic city center: Domplatz, Fischmarkt, Wenigermarkt, at its world famous Krämerbrücke (Merchants Bridge) and lastly, Anger. Domplatz offers the finest in regional goods throughout all of Thuringia and parts of Saxony, including the city’s famous Dominosteine. As often as I have visited Erfurt at the time of the Christmas market, a write-up I did when the Files was in its infancy can be found in the link. Nothing much has changed since my publication in 2010 but some huts have found their way to the southern side of the Cathedral.


Erfurt will host the German Garden and Horticulture Show (BUGA) in 2021 and will feature a vast display of flowers and vegetation as well as improved parts of the city, especially along the River Gera. A link to the events can be found here. The BUGA will last from April 23 until October 10, 2021. You can visit the Krämerbrücke and dozens of bridges in and around Erfurt by clicking here. The Bridge Tour Guide has five parts.


Our Christmas surprise for this day deals with Christmas and loneliness. Imagine you know someone- a neighbor, friend or someone you see at work or while drinking a cup of coffee and you find that this person lives all by him/herself. Like in this commercial produced by the German grocer chain Edeka. And this in the times of Corona. What would you do?

Would you do what the neighbors did for the main character Mr. Schmidt, even if the person is in quarantine? Would you do something different?

This holiday season will be exceptionally difficult for many people who are living alone and have no one to share their Christmas joy with. And this goes well beyond the further lockdown measures that are currently in place in Germany and in other countries. Even if people are isolated, we should open our hearts and make Christmas an exceptionally wonderful experience for them, so that we can show them we care.

Happy Holidays! ❤️❤️❤️🕯️🕯️🕯️🙏🙏🙏☃️⛄❄️🎁⛪🏔️🎁❄️🌨️🎁🎄🎄🎄