Advent Calendar: December 10

Day 10 of the Advent Calendar Christmas tree series takes us way down south in the heart of Bavaria. This tree was photographed by Kristin Krahmer and features a Christmas tree in the city center in the town of…..

Wolfratshausen! 😀

Some are wondering, where is this town. That one is very simple. The town is located along the Motorway 95 south of Munich and east of Lake Starnberg. The town has 19,400 and features many historic buildings and recreational possibilities along the Isar and Loisach as well as near Lake Starnberg. The town dates back to the 10th Century according to records.

As far as surprise is concerned, animals have played a role in the Christmas celebration and this one particular animal appeared in the scene where the birth of Jesus was about to begin. It was one that was praised by Mary and symbolizes the start of spring. More can be found here.

The legend of Christmas Robin — RANDOM Times •

The little red-breasted, cheerful robins, often called also the Christmas robins, indicate the season of sun and spring. This rather ordinary bird holds such tremendous importance to Christmas that probably everybody know its legend. For more click on the link below….

8# The legend of Christmas Robin — RANDOM Times •

This guest column features the legend of the Chrstmas Robin, which you can read here. Interesting article with a set of poetry to go along with it. ❤ 🙂

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Happy Holidays!