Advent Calendar: December 3

December 3rd and our next Christmas tree takes us to Arnstadt, located 20 kilometers south of Erfurt, the capital of the state of Thuringia. This photo, taken by Stephanie Finke shows us the tree in the middle of the market square, flanked by rows of Christmas lights.

And with that, we go to the surprise presented right here. A guest post on the history of Christmas but one that is different than what you learned about in school, as a hint. 😉

The myths and legends behind Christmas- Guest Post by Random Times

Christmas is usually considered a Christian festival, but it’s probably the most syncretized holiday on the calendar. The Puritans banned it in England during Cromwell’s dictatorship, from 1647 to 1660, but also in Boston from 1659 to 1681. The Puritans recognized (albeit sourly) that Christmas was about as Christian as a pentacle. This is one […]

1# The myths and legends behind Christmas

This guest column looks at the history of Christmas, looking at it from many perspectives and written in detail by the columnist for the Random Times.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays 🎄⛄☕❄️🕯️🌎