Advent Calendar 2020: December 1

This year’s Flensburg Files’ Christmas series is totally different than in the past. With Christmas markets all but called off and the Corona Virus getting a firm hold on our daily lives and traditions, I decided to do an Advent Calendar, blogger style, where each day is greeted by a market square in a community in Germany that is decorated with just the Christmas tree. Christmas trees are a symbol of solidarity and unity, especially in times when it is needed. It was the symbol of friendship and unity during the World Wars, and it was the symbol of reunification with loved ones when the Wall Fell and Germany was reunited. With the Corona Virus, it is a symbol of love and family, as it serves as a bridge from the past and takes us into the future, the future which is unknown but one that we need to create for the next generations to prosper.

And with that, we go to our first Christmas tree photo. This was taken by Darija Jakicic and features the Christmas tree flanked by colorful and well-decorated houses in the city center of Burg on the Island of Fehmarn in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein.

For each tree there is a surprise. And the surprise for day one features a powerful commercial courtesy of one German grocer chain. Click here to view it.

If you have a photo of a Christmas tree in a market square in a German community that you wish to share, please contact the Flensburg Files, using the contact details here. We need enough to cover from now until Christmas Day.

For now, stay safe and stay healthy. Be positive and show some love and support for your family and friends during this holiday season.


Happy Holidays 🎄☕⛄🕯️❤️

Christmas Genre: Imagine If Everyone Would Do This- Penny Grocery Store

Our first non-Christmas market, December calendar entry provides us with this sentence:

 „Imagine if everyone was to do that.“

The German grocery store chain Penny released its annual Christmas commercial for 2018, where it combines Corona, the lockdown, life in a big city and finding ways to make someone happy.  In this setting, the boy living in an apartment is bored and is looking for something creative to do, only to find that his attempts to „make people happy“ were met with a solid rebuke and this sentence:

„Imagine if everyone was to do that!“ (Translated from the German original.)

His persistence continues until it finally meets its goal, when he spreads good cheer to someone on the street.

Have a look at the clip below:

And it ended with the phrase:

„Imagine if everyone was to do that.“

While we’ve lost most of our everyday traditions and lives on the part of the Corona Virus, it does make a person wonder if he/she was to do something great for someone else, be it an elderly person in a nursing home, be it for charity, be it for something totally different, be it like writing, if a person was to make a difference, imagine if others would do the same. It’s something we have to be creative and try out something new since the normalcy before the Corona Virus no longer exists. We have to change and we have to be the example.

We do that and the response would be „imagine if everyone was to do that.“ Think about it this holiday season.

Happy Holidays 🎄☕⛄🕯️❤️