Christmas Market Throwback: Flensburg 2016

Since the Christmas markets have been cancelled for the year, I would like to take you back to the market in Flensburg. I was there in 2016 and had an opportunity to try several different types of punch in the city known as the rum capital. While I got the buzz of the century from trying them, the market had a nice setting in the city center but has since been extended to the Hafenspitze after some in the city council read up on my suggestions to expand the markets beyond the Roter Strasse and Sudermarkt. 😊👍🎄 Read up on the market from my visit per link and feel free to comment.

Night photo of Flensburg’s City Center and Christmas tree at Hafenspitze

🎄 Holiday Greetings ☃️ 🍭 ☕

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