Germany Quiz 1: What to know about Schleswig-Holstein

In 2015, I started a series on quizzes on German states in English with the purpose of getting people acquainted with the country and the region they are living in. It’s also useful for German classes of any kind because it encourages students to embrace Germany, its regions and cultures, especially if some of them wish to visit the country someday. It’s still an ongoing project for there are many states left to cover. Still, I would like to introduce you to the first one I did on the northernmost German state of Schleswig-Holstein. For those who are new to the region, it should give you an introduction to what the state has to offer. For the rest, it’s a test of knowledge versus some facts that you wouldn’t know about until you tried it. In any case, try it out and then click onto the link that will lead you to the answer sheet. Have fun with this quiz! 🙂


The clipper ship Passat at its port and museum in Travemünde (near Lübeck). Photo taken in 2013 The clipper ship Passat at its port and museum in Travemünde (near Lübeck). Photo taken in 2013

Starting off the series on Germany at 25 and a look at each of the German states, we will now have our first look at the northernmost state of the country, Schleswig-Holstein. Bordered by two seas, as well as Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Pommerania, Hamburg and neighboring country Denmark, the German state consisted of two kingdoms that merged in 1544: The Duchy of Schleswig in the northern half and the Duchy of Holstein in the southern and eastern part. And although the border extended north into southern Jutland because of the Prussian victory over the Danes in 1864 (consisting of the Danish towns of Kolding, Sondernburg and Esjeberg), the present border, extending west from Flensburg towards Sylt has been in place since 1919 (not counting Adolf Hitler’s conquest during the Third Reich). The country is…

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