Refusal to Concede- TED Talk

Photo by cottonbro on

Here’s a scenario that has yet to be played out in America: Suppose the winner of the US Presidential Elections is declared but the loser refuses to concede? We had a similar situation with the 2000 Elections between George W. Bush and Al Gore because of the Florida Recount, which was eventually decided in the US Supreme Court. Yet it doesn’t mean it could happen again, either in this election (although Biden has been declared the winner) or any future elections- the next one is in 2024.

Van Jones, a news anchor at CNN, did some research on this scenario and what could possibly happen, should the loser refuses to concede. In this TED talk, he shows us the loopholes and how the US Constitution designed this unique democratic mechanism that we don’t see in Germany or other places in Europe and beyond. And with that, sit back and enjoy the short documentary.

You can also see his reaction to Joe Biden’s victory in the Flensburg Files’ facebook page. A heart-touching tribute to Joe and his path to victory, leading to unity and kindness.

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