Joe Biden Wins Presidency, Defeating Donald Trump

Joe Biden has been elected the 46th president of the United States, beating President Trump with a campaign that focused on healing the country’s divisions and defeating the coronavirus pandemic. Biden’s win was narrower than most observers predicted, and Republicans appear in a strong position to retain control of the Senate. But Biden was able […]

Joe Biden Wins Presidency, Defeating Donald Trump

Photo Flick Nr. 39

Equality for all. Justice for all. Opportunities for all. That has been the slogan for the 2020 Elections in the United States, for four years of discrimination, division and destruction to America’s political and judicial infrastructure has caused the US to lose credibility in almost every aspect. This applies not only on international stage but also at home. The elections have brought about change and created a statement, as seen in the painting by Michael D’Antuono, which has been spreading around in the social media since the day of elections. The country was built by people from different aspects of the world, and as seen in the picture, no matter what race, background or preference, America is open to everybody and not the select few. We’ve seen a lot of firsts in the Elections; we’re hoping to see a lot of firsts once the new US President takes office on January 20th, 2021.