Photo Flick Nr. 38

Photo by: Michael Summa

In connection with the US Presidential Elections of 2020 and the indecisive winner between Joe Biden and incumbent Donald Trump, I would like to compare this with this road sign.

This was taken by Michael Summa and it shows…. well…. all the directions it could go. This goes well beyond whether Trump can pull off the upset or which path of states Biden has to win, which he needs one more state after pulling off last second victories in Arizona, Wisconsin and Michigan and he needs either Georgia, Nevada or Pennsylvania. This deals with not only how Trump will behave if Biden wins but most importantly, which direction America will go once the new President is sworn in on January 20, 2021. It is so unknown but it’s an election like no other. Not even the Super Bowl could match this election which has every one around the world on their feet biting their nails, including yours truly.

And with that in mind, I can only say, stay tuned and stay posted. Most importantly, stay safe and stay healthy. ❣️🙏🇺🇲