Bye Bye Flughafen Tegel, TXL

Paying tribute to the Berlin-Tegel Airport (as well as Tempelhof) as it plans to close November 8th, one week after the opening of Berlin_Brandenburg International Airport.

Larry Muffin At Home

If you plan to fly to Berlin next month you will arrive at the new Berlin Branderburg Airport, BER also known as Willy Brandt Airport, BER. Tegel is closing and already its functions are being transferred ahead of the opening of the new Willy Brandt Airport, BER.

Historically Berlin had 3 airports, Tempelhof the first airport to be build in the South, then Tegel in the North West in 1948 and in East Germany, Schonefeld airport, South East, serving the Communist regime. Berlin being a divided city after 1945 and occupied by the French, British, American and the Soviets everyone got a piece of the cake.

Until 1975 Tempelhof was the West Berlin Airport, after 1975 international traffic was diverted to Tegel, TXL in what was then the French Sector the divided city. Tempelhof handled domestic flights from West Germany.

Tempelhof we know today with its gigantic terminal was built…

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