Should Christmas Markets in Germany take place despite Corona?

Germany, like the rest of Europe, is starting to see a spike in the number of Corona Virus cases on a daily cases, averaging 7000 cases in the last 24 hours. The trend is increasing. And while wearing the mouth masks has become a daily way of life even at work or in the classroom, restrictions involving the number of people attending public events are in place, thus leading to this question:

Will we have a Christmas market this season?

While city governments are working with planners and merchants to make it happen, even under Corona-induced conditions which include social distancing, banning alcohol, more space and alternatives to have booths and events and the likes, others have decided that the planning and the costs are too much and have decided to cancel their Christmas market this season. After Cologne, Bautzen, Kleve and Lüdenscheid have decided to not hold their markets this year, the list has become much longer, which includes Heidelberg, Esslingen (BW), Coburg, Kulbach (BAV), Osterode (SAX-AN) and Chemnitz (SAX). Stuttgart and Karlsruhe are considering cancelling theirs after the State of Baden –Wurttemberg has enacted a 100-person per event limit.  With the expected sharp increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in the winter months, combined with the flu season, the question remains whether it is worth going to a market this year or if it’s better to wait until next year. Most disturbing is the fact that while the universal restrictions on lockdowns and having a „virtual“ Easter celebration worked because of transparent guidelines between Chancellor Merkel and the ministers of all 16 states, this is non-existant, which means states are going it alone with the regulations. Majority of people in Germany would rather have more transparency instead of cherry-picking whenever it’s suitable. If there is a lesson from the Spanish Flu from a Century ago, it’s all in or nothing; save lives or risk death.

And therefore, an English-speaking questionnaire regarding the future of Christmas markets for this season in Germany. There are three questions and the decision is, who should have a say regarding hosting the market, and should there be a market this year or is it better off waiting until next season.  Feel free to add your comments in the Comment section after answering the questions.