US Presidential Elections Activity 1

If you are like me, an American Expat living outside the States, you probably have been asked about the process of electing a US President and how it is different in comparison with the elections in the place you are living. In my case, it is Germany, but our election system is based on the European model, namely the popular vote where multiple parties can participate, and each one nominates someone to become President and/or Prime Minister.

If you are, however, a teacher whose subject is English, history, politics/ social studies or anything with American studies, and you have some issues trying to convince the students to understand the difference between American politics and the elections process on one hand and that of the country you are residing on the opposite,  perhaps it is the easiest to make it short, simple and easy to explain. Therefore, the Flensburg Files has a three-part series featuring activities pertaining to the US Presidential Elections, with the goal of getting your students (and others interested) to understand the system and discuss it and its differences and potential flaws.

So without further ado, here is part 1 and a Matching exercise:




MATCHING: Put the following process in order, beginning with the Candidate’s intent to run and ending with the Inauguration as US President.

You may download this image to cut out or copy the answers on a separate sheet of paper.


BONUS QUESTION: What is an inauguration ceremony? Explain the process in your own words and include examples.



The answer sheet will be presented after the 2020 US Presidential Elections on November 4th. Afterwards, that plus this activity will be included in the category: In School in Germany and its subheading: Bilingual Education under the title: American Politics.

On to Activity 2 =>

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