Look, Listen, and Learn

This article mixes in the history of the German-Danish conflict with the conflicts that we had at the time of this post and still to this day. While more will be written about German-Danish relations, I thought it would serve as a reminder that we have a long ways to go before we are ever able to reconcile with our neighbors and unite to tackle the problems we are facing.


Biking on a trail going along the Baltic Sea Coast, I had to put away my thoughts and fears that were affecting my everyday life and embrace the unknown. I had never been up to the Baltic Sea for a long time, and the area I was visiting- Flensburg, Sondernburg, northern Germany, and southern Denmark- was untouched until I got off the train at the station and explored the region that I hadn’t seen before. The first thing I did was get to know the people up there, the culture, and the surroundings. I looked, I listened, and I learned. It started with a trip down the beaten and rutted trail that snaked its way through the forest, after crossing the wooden bridge into Denmark north of Wassersleben. The various jumps up and down the hill, the sound the wind breezing in from the sea, and the multiple shades of…

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Here’s to you, Steve

And so it begins. This was the first article I wrote in this column, which was originally published on October 5th, 2010. Every writer has an icon to follow and I was pleased to have one that I looked up to as a kid so that I had a starting point in my career as a columnist. Stephen J. Cannell was a writer and producer of Hollywood TV series and films. His passing prior to the creation of the Files inspired me to “pick up, where he left off,” but focusing on what matters personally. Here’s a tribute to a great Hollywood legend.


Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

This is a throwback article dating back to 5 October, 2010. One of the first articles written since its inception, this one is a tribute to a writer who created many US TV-series and inspired many, like yours truly to bleed ink. After doing some major make-overs, this one is still for you for your work, Mr. Cannell. I just want your written approval and not your typewriter, that’s all. 😉

This file starts off with a question for you to try and answer: What do Hunter, The Rockford Files, The A Team, and The Greatest American Hero have in common? Any guesses? (guess first before scrolling down)

They are the work of a famous Hollywood screenwriter. That’s one hint. Any further guesses? (down further AFTER you take another stab at it)

Last one: He was famous for his closing slogan with him typing…

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