10 Years and Counting

The Flensburg Files is celebrating 10 years of columnism with the Top 10.

On October 5th, 2010, the first column of the Flensburg Files was posted, thus starting its journey into the world of German-American-MultiCultural blogging. To help celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Flensburg Files will present its Top 10 of the best works so far.

Beginning October 11th, the Files will present its best of the best, beginning with the first column posted, followed by the Top 10 in terms of the most visited/liked articles, the author’s top 10 masterpieces, the Top 10 photos, and lastly the top 10 Genre of the Week masterpieces. This in addition with new articles that will be posted, some of which had been sitting on dusty shelves and old notebooks waiting to be published.  The Top 10 will run from October 11th until January 31st, 2021.

To read up on the articles from past and the present, subscribe to the Flensburg Files, either here, via facebook or both and follow up on the anniversary celebrations. You’ll find all the articles in the Menu and in their respective categories. More will come soon.

Until then, happy trails until we meet again!