Germany at 30

Photo by vectors icon on

Tomorrow is October 3rd, the 30th anniversary of the Reunification of Germany. Despite having the Corona Virus rule the way we celebrate or interact on the streets, this celebration is special for it marks 30 years ago that Germany became a whole country again. It took two World Wars and 45 years of the Wall separating East and West to achieve the goal that the population had been vying for: a unified, peaceful and democratic state. And for 30 years since then, the country has become just that- a role model for a peaceful, unified and democratic state that each country deserves tob e.

The Files would like to wish the country happy wonderful 30 years. Here are some videos of the celebration of a reunited Germany from several news sources for you to watch, look back at and remininsce about. Here’s to many more years to come:

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