The Ultimate Guide to Verbs of Activity Part 1

How to tell the difference between Make, Do, Have and Take from a Columnist’s perspective

One of the main problems of learning a foreign languages is making a distinction between certain words for the meanings in their native tongue is all the same. We have many of these in German and for those learning English as a second language, the examples are huge in number. Apart from the verbs of communication (click here), verbs of transportation (the ride versus drive- click here) and verbs of vision (click here), one of the most annoying habits is mixing up the verbs of activity- namely make, have, do and take. 

Before we go into the details, lets take a Guessing Quiz. Look at the following pictures below and determine whether a person can use the words make, do or take. In a couple cases there may be more than one answer.  Create an example sentence for each photo to help you.

The explanations and further exercises will follow in part 2. Click here to go to the page =>