Photo Flick Nr. 32- Corona Special


The 32nd Photo Flick is a photo courtesy of Brian McCully, showing a scene that would have been considered normal. It was a photo of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which took place this year from August 7 to August 16 on the streets of Sturgis, South Dakota. As many as 460,000 motorbikers and tourists visited the town and participated in rock concerts and other contests. No masks, no social distancing, but many comments by people who saw no problem sitting next to another person, elbow to elbow, drinking a good beer.

While this would have been normal, it is not, especially in times of the Corona Virus! Since the end of the motorcycle rally, as many as 260 cases have been reported from people originating from 15 states. The outbreaks have been spreading ever since with more cases to be recorded in the next weeks.

As one person quoted in this picture, “I see dead people.” Another mentioned the prospects of 25% of the attendees dropping dead by the end of this year.  As carefree as the United States has been with the handling of the Corona Virus cases, it is not a surprise that over 6 million Americans have been infected since the beginning of February and 185,000 people have succumbed to the illness, which has affected everyone of all ages, gender and race.  Another memo worth noting is that the European airspace is still closed off to Americans wishing to travel there.

While Donald Trump has been using “Law and Order” as his campaign platform to try and defeat his challenger, Joe Biden in what is considered the dirtiest Presidential Elections in American history, while ignoring his failed policies on Corona Virus and how it has laid waste to the economy, someone ought to tell him straight out this sentence:

“Explain your policies to the 185,000 people who died of the Corona Virus.”

This photo of the scene in Sturgis will forever be the poster boy of Trump’s failed policies in that aspect and the need for change.  And this is just a fraction of all of his failures in the past four years…….




Photo Flick Nr. 31


This Pic of the Week is courtesy of Pico Avo. An artist just created a unique mural, featuring a statue of a key figure from the Ancient Greek era and an Eagle, side-by-side, surrounded by grafiti. One can find grafiti everywhere and some are less welcoming than others, this mural, found in the reception hall of the Central Railway Station in Heidelberg, can be interpreted in many ways, its colorful images are stunning.  When looking at the mural, how would you interpret the scene and what themes can come out of it?

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