The Gendarme Trail (Gendarmstien)

The Gendarme Trail (Gendarmstien) is a 84 km trail along the Danish-German border from Padborg to Skovby. The “gendarmes” patrolled across the cliffs, through the lush forests and the along the rocky beaches. Their job was to catch smugglers who were illegally trafficking goods in and out of Denmark to avoid paying customs duty from […]

The Gendarme Trail (Gendarmstien)

Pilgrimage Routes in Denmark

Denmark is a Nordic country that can be explored by walking a pilgrimage. It has two main pilgrimage routes: one in the mainland and a newer one that runs through the islands of Møn, Nyord, and Bogø situated south from Zealand Island (the capital area). Hærvejen Hærvejen or the “ancient road” flows through mainland Denmark (also known […]

Pilgrimage Routes in Denmark