On the Road: A Look at Verbs of Transport Part 1

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This English language series looks at the use of verbs in connection with the topic Transportation. Some are asking why this is important. Simple as 1,2 & 3.

Non-natives have a difficulty making a difference among the words, such as ride, drive, and fly in the sense of actually operating a vehicle. In addition, there is the issue of making the distinction among the phrasal verbs with get in the sense of boarding and disembarking and lastly the phrasal verb using either go by or go on.

Before we get to the explanation and assuming we know the means of transportation in English, we have a challenging but enjoyable exercise for you to try.  Using the verbs given in the respective boxes- Verbs of Transportation and Verbs of Boarding, look at the gallery of pictures  and determine which verb(s) from each set best fits. An example sentence may be needed. You will need to provide a reason behind each answer.

Enjoy! 🙂


Verbs of Transportation

ride and bike

Verbs of Boarding

get into out

Transportation Photo Gallery:

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This gallery quiz exercise can be used in the classroom and you can manually stop the slides to allow time for students to answer the questions and form sentences as examples.

Explanations are found in Part 2 by clicking here, which include some videos and more pics.


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