Chasing rainbows, a post-lockdown German roadtrip

Germany emerged from the coronavirus lockdown and a freakishly prolonged period of near perfect weather at the same time. The irony of being liberated from months in Berlin to find the weather had turned wildly unpredictable was not lost on us. Still, we had a car, a plan and the road to Bavaria was beckoning. […]

Chasing rainbows, a post-lockdown German roadtrip

Trump’s ‘inexperienced and unqualified’ ambassadors leave US allies aghast

A string of gaffes and scandals has cast a spotlight on President Donald Trump’s habit of staffing US embassies with campaign donors and personal friends who have irked key allies and stood out for their lack of qualifications. In Iceland – a nation so safe that the president runs errands on a bicycle – US Ambassador Jeffery Ross Gunter has left […]

Trump’s ‘inexperienced and unqualified’ ambassadors leave US allies aghast