That little old town Trier, in Germany!


I think ,I have mentioned on the previous post but the way I came here was by accident or curiosity of a traveller. My idea and our family was to visit Luxembourg city, and we came here often. On one of the earlier trip, we had extra time and saw a brochure on Trier in the tourist office , been close and we with a car, we took off for the Roman city of Trier. Yes that is how we came to know Trier, and it has been a must visit once in a while over the years,and has become our favorite city in Germany, said.

I have written on it several times and would like to give the link to the previous blog posts here:

Trier oldest city :

Quaint Trier

Come back to Trier :

Trier (Trèves in French) is in the region state of Rhineland Palatinate …

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Photo Flick Nr. 29

Photo by Amy St Aubin

This photo flick speaks more volumes than words can ever say. In the past year or two, we have been drowning in the world of hatred, deception, division and destruction. While winds are changing, and rapidly and people want change in leadership, especially in the US as more people are turning their backs on Trump, the change is for a good reason, as seen in this photo. Something to think about….