How to Be a Better Tourist

Crowd control measures have been taken in Venice & Cinque Terre, locals in Barcelona are demanding that tourism be brought under control to save their city, London and Paris are elbow to elbow with millions of tourists every day and Dubrovnik and Amsterdam are being swallowed up by the sheer number of daily tourists. And while cities are struggling to handle the stress of mass tourism, all it takes it one rotten tourist to ruin it for others. After years of traveling and working with tourists on a daily basis, here are my tips for being a better tourist, based on my observations.

How to Be a Better Tourist

While we deal with the after-effects of the Corona Virus, we’re currently thinking of ways to rethink the way we behave towards the environment we’re living in so that we can better understand what we’re doing and find ways to avoid destruction of places of natural and historic places and engaging in behaviors that are destructive and can produce unwanted consequences, like the Corona Virus. We’re already seeing a trend between Covid19 and global warming as well as other forms of environmental destruction and cities and regions are beginning to scale back on tourism. Have a look at the article on how cities like Venice and Paris are taking action to avert over-tourism.