Photo Flick Nr. 26- Covid Special


This Covid special of Photo Flick would like to remind all those who oppose to wearing mouth masks because of the question of rights to have a look at this comic above, then look at the advantages of wearing them in the picture below……


If you want to bring up the issues of rights, look at the rights of other people who do not wish to be infected with Corona Virus or any other viruses that are dangerous and potentially lethal.  I wear my mouth mask in public everyday because I respect the rights of others who want to live to see their (grand)children and enjoy the moments on this planet. Countries have imposed penalties for not wearing them. Medical experts have strongly urged the public to wear them as long as there is no vaccine.

The next time you refuse to wear mouth masks because of the issues with rights, think about the rights of others and respect them. They have the right to live. They have the right to be healthy and not get infected. They have the right to have freedom. They have just as many rights as you do.

So with that, shut up, and put the goddamn mask on. Respect the wishes of others as you wish to live.

Thank you.