Implications of Corona-virus (COVID 19) Disease to the Environment

Environmental Hub Kenya

The 1918 Spanish flu is the previous deadliest pandemic in the history of man. Back then, people might have thought that the trumpet was waiting to be blown and boom! We ascend to our creator. Occurrence of previous pandemics provides insight to cope with future challenges when faced with a pandemic and a reminder that the world conquers.

In the occurrence of a highly infectious corona-virus (COVID 19) pandemic, self-quarantine is a measure emplaced to prevent the disease from spreading. Self-quarantine operation influences behavior and lifestyle which in turn impact the environment.

Lock down of one among other busy business premises in Nairobi Central Business District, Kenya

Humans are at the heart of the environment but the same people make the heart bleed. It is evident from current observation the role of behavior and lifestyle on climate change. Current lock down has revealed a positive change on environment due to…

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