The Post-Tulsa World is Looking Just Fine

A look at America after Tulsa: Are we seeing a change in trends, opinions and feelings towards the Führer Wannabe? This guest colunist thinks so. The Europeans are watching closely. The voters are leaning towards sensitivity and logic. The winds of change are in motion…..

Left-Right Site

Something happened this past weekend that changed everything. That something was the pitiful turnout to the kickoff to Trump’s re-election campaign in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Frankly, the entire world expected more.

For weeks, tensions surrounding Trump’s Tulsa Rally intensified. This was supposed to be Trump’s Nuremberg Rally. They told us that a million people were coming. They told us that Black Lives Matter protesters would be dealt with severely. ‘Law and Order’ were to be upheld. They scheduled it during Juneteenth weekend, on the 99th anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre when a lynch mob razed a prosperous black community. They were all supposed to be coming. All of Trump’s deplorable base. The Klan, the Proud Boys, random White Nationalists for Trump. Dog whistle after racist dog whistle was sent out directly from the Oval Office and over social media. Violence was expected. Civil War might have been sparked. At the…

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