The commander in chief has ordered US troops out of Germany…..not all but just a few….. Growing US-Germany tensions have reached the point where the Trump Administration has announced that 9,500 troops will be returning from Germany. This will leave 25,000 US troops there, which is the new “cap” for maximum troop levels. The US […]

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An analysis on President Trump’s plan to pull 9500 US troops out of Germany.



His plan, however, did not sound fully defined.

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As much as many people have feared it would happen, and despite stiff opposition from both sides of the Atlantic, President Trump has called on the withdraw of 9500 troops stationed in Germany. The expected number of troops will be reduced to 25000 by the end of the year, if all goes as planned. Details and commentaries in the link above.

(NEW YORK) — Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred says there might be no major league games this year after a breakdown in talks between teams and the players’ union on how to split up money in a season delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. The league also revealed several players on big league rosters have tested positive…

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Can you imagine life without baseball- for even one single season? This may be a very likely scenario given the breakdown in talks combined with players being infected with CoVid-19. Details in the article.

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