As Covid 19 has started changing the way we’ve been running our lives, we’re starting to look at new alternatives that will make our lives better and safer. One of which is working from home. While the virus caused businesses to shut down and send their workers to furlough, others introduced home office, a concept where people can work from home and still get paid for doing the job. The concept of home office is not new for companies, like Google, Electrolux and others have introduced flexible hours which includes home office; Google even pays their employees to work from home. Yet even when the vaccination is developed and the virus goes away. the many benefits of home office will remain, resulting in companies rethinking ways to offer their employees some flexibility, thus allowing them to work from home, even if it is for only a couple days a week. Here’s part 1 on the series of Home Office where this guest column talks about the future of working from home. Several different parts about home office will follow.

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I am sure that quite a lot of people reading this are currently settled in to their makeshift office space and completing or trying to complete their usual tasks from home. Maybe some of you are over this stage and back to work with restrictions in place. With me working in tourism, the entire industry is in hibernation so I am very limited with what I can do, but I do as much as possible from home to keep everything up to date and ticking away.

With us all adapting and going through to this new way of work, it got me thinking. Why don’t we do this more often? Why travel to work when it can be done from home? Is it the future or are we all desperate to get back in the office? Here are some of my thoughts on how we are coping and the benefits…

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