The Racial Problems start with Trump

There has been enough naming, shaming and defaming in light of the death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests that have spread throughout the US, resembling the Revolution of 1989 in East Germany. There, Erich Honecker, the dictator, announced that the Berlin Wall would stand for another 100 years during the celebration of the country’s 40th anniversary. Little did he realize that he would be forced to resign ten days later on October 17th, and his successor, Egon Krenz, gave the green light to open the borders between East and West on 9 November- a little over a month later. This was done at the behest of the majority oft he people who had seen enough suppression by the Volkspolizei and the Soviet Army. The violence happened in Leipzig on the eve of the celebration and it exploded to include every single community in East Germany- until Krenz made it happen that symbolic evening in 1989.

Minneapolis is the 2.0 version of Leipzig. It’s the poster boy of all the racial undoings and after Floyd’s death, it’s the starting point for the Revolution of 2020. And what has happened since then? We have a president who has lost touch with reality. He threatens to use force to dominate America with the use of the Insurrection Act of 1807. He clears the area near the White House- just for a pose. He’s nothing more than a show- a show that must be canceled before America and its democracy cease to exist.

For the past 3 and a half years, Trump has become the symbol of a dictatorship; a dictator who divides America between Republicans and Democrats, rich and poor, straight and gay and last but not least, black and white. He fosters fights instead of dialogs and peace. He has walled himself in from problems we are dealing with at present- and is increasing by the hour. He fires people for making a statement that contradicts him, shames them in social media, and sometimes drives them to their own deaths. With the non-response to the George Floyd death and the cries for change to the American system, he has put American democracy on life support. In an article I wrote for my blog, this is definitely a dangerous situation because he could let it die with the pull of a trigger.

I admire the protesters for their actions because they have born fruit. All four officers are being charged for the murder of George Floyd. The one who kneed Floyd on the neck could face 40 years in prison. Yet this is not good enough. This is just the first step. The next step is to direct the source of the hatred, and that source is Donald J. Trump. Like in the Revolution 1989, in order to make the changes happen, we need someone who can do the job of bringing the people together, regardless of race, and other backgrounds. Trump will not do it. He must be removed from office, preferrably before the November 3rd elections. Mike Pence should take over and represent the Republican Party. At least he brings decency and professionalism and would be more of a formidable opponent to Joe Biden than the narccist Trump himself. He would at least listen to the problems Americans are facing and attempt to confront them. Already many in his closest circles have condemned Trump for his actions. They should include further measures to remove him and have Pence finish out the term and candidate for this year’s elections.

We have made some big gains. Yet we have a long ways to go. Our next step is to eradicate the source of hatred. The march goes onto Washington. Just like the march went on from Leipzig to Berlin in 89. The Revolution has started. It’s a matter of time before Trump capitulates and leaves the White House once and for all. Life punishes those who wait.