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This one I will not go further, but I will  say that regardless of what crises we are in at present- be it Corona, the Black Lives Matter Movement, the upcoming Presidential elections in the US or what have you- this photo says it all. Way too much information, way too little time to think critically and objectively to the current events, and furthermore, no time to form a personal opinion or identity to anything these days.  Of all the changes that we are striving for, this one is the creme de la creme- the paramount of importance. We need our identities back, we need common sense and decency back, we need ourselves back.

Think about it as you look at this pic, taken by an unknown photographer but spread throughout social media.



Rick Steves is a travel evangelist, always in motion, traversing faraway places and inspiring others to do the same. So when the world shuts down, and Rick Steves can no longer travel, then who is Rick Steves? Sam Anderson, a writer for The Times Magazine, profiled the travel guru last year. Today, Sam asks Rick […]

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Many of you have probably heard about Rick Steves and his European travels at one time or another. If not, he has been doing documentaries and tour guides on European Travel for over 30 years. Like the rest of us, Rick Steves was also grounded by the Corona Virus as it has shut down air travel between the US and Europe. Henceforth he is spending his first summer vacation in 30 years- at home.  I have a pair of articles for you to read about his experiences and how Covid-19 will impact the way we travel in the future. In the link above is an interview done by the New York Times. In the article below by the Washington Post is the future of travel from his perspective. Both are something we need to take into consideration once the vaccination is developed and the virus disappears.


Enjoy and think about it. 🙂


The Mighty Kiel Canal

This year, the Baltic-North Sea (a.k.a Kiel Canal) is celebrating its 125th anniversary. The canal connects Kiel with Brunsbüttel in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein and is one of the busiest canals in Europe and the World. Its 90 km stretch includes some of the finest crossings that exist. Have a look at the history of the canal via ALison Stewart. A link to the bridges along the canal can be found via BHC here:

General Info: 

Rendsburg High Bridge and Loop Trestle:

Alison Stewart writer

Petite canals enliven cities like Amsterdam, St Petersburg, Bruges and Venice but there’s nothing quite like a big canal. These giant shipping channels sculpt the landscape, connecting oceans, separating continents and joining rivers.

Here’s my story on the Kiel Canal that connects the Baltic Sea with the Atlantic. It was published in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age Traveller on January 24, 2020. You can also read it online here:

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NEW YORK — European Union countries eager to revive their economies are prepared to block Americans from entering because the United States has failed to control the coronavirus pandemic, the New York Times reported from Brussels on Tuesday, citing draft lists of acceptable travelers. The United States, which has the most coronavirus cases in the […]

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Implications of Corona-virus (COVID 19) Disease to the Environment

Environmental Hub Kenya

The 1918 Spanish flu is the previous deadliest pandemic in the history of man. Back then, people might have thought that the trumpet was waiting to be blown and boom! We ascend to our creator. Occurrence of previous pandemics provides insight to cope with future challenges when faced with a pandemic and a reminder that the world conquers.

In the occurrence of a highly infectious corona-virus (COVID 19) pandemic, self-quarantine is a measure emplaced to prevent the disease from spreading. Self-quarantine operation influences behavior and lifestyle which in turn impact the environment.

Lock down of one among other busy business premises in Nairobi Central Business District, Kenya

Humans are at the heart of the environment but the same people make the heart bleed. It is evident from current observation the role of behavior and lifestyle on climate change. Current lock down has revealed a positive change on environment due to…

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The Tulsa Massacre, 1921: In The News

The Tulsa Massacre, 1921: In The News

In connection with recent events involving the death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests across the US and the world, NBA star Russell Westbrook is planning to do a series on this important event in history. It’s one that is often forgotten in history books and is one that is forcing states to consider teaching this event in schools, together with other issues involving the conflicts between Blacks and Whites. More on what happened 99 years ago can be found here.

Don't Duck History

If you have followed the Don’t Duck History Facebook page over the past few weeks, you should have noticed several mentions of the Black newspaper, The Richmond Planet, sometimes simply referred to as “The Planet,” based out of Richmond, Virginia. If you haven’t followed our Facebook page, today is a good day to fix that!

Also today, The Planet will be used to tell a story (history) that came to light for many due to recent news, but has also largely been ignored in American history textbooks. The recent news is the recent 99th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre, (Oklahoma: May 31, 1921-June 1, 1921), where the area of Greenwood contained a district that was sometimes referred to as “Black Wall Street.” Ironically there were other areas in the country that earned that nickname, and a section in Richmond, Virginia was one of them.

Back to Tulsa…

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NBA star Russell Westbrook has stepped into the arena of films by announcing that he is producing a series centered around the 1921 Tulsa race riots. On Tuesday (Jun 9), the Houston Rocket guard announced via Variety that he was executive producing the series, titled “Terror In Tulsa: The Rise And Fall Of Black Wall Street” in collaboration with documentary filmmaker Stanley Nelson and the production company Blackfin.

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In my 13+ year career, I’ve worked in an office setting, from home, a mix of a both (and spent a fair amount of time in coffee shops). Here are the pros and cons of each. When I started my first job after graduating college, I worked in an office in Salt Lake City. It […]

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Many companies have always stressed the importance of team work and therefore are more willing to have employees work in the office in a company setting than to allow for working at home. This guest column looks at the comparison between working at the office versus working at home as well as the pros and cons of the former. Something to think about, especially during the time of Corona.

Large-Scale Events to be Cancelled through October

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Proposal would ban events with more than 1000 visitors through 31 October with a possibility of extension through the end of the year.

BERLIN- First the cancellation of the Oktoberfest, then the Rock am Ring and Wacken being called off, then the Geisterspiele in the German Soccer Bundesliga. Up to now, it has been the norm to ban large-scale events which bring in at least 1000 visitors and generate tens of thousands of Euros in revenue for businesses. For the norm in Germany, it has been social distancing and small-scale gatherings of up to ten people; 50 in some places.  And this despite efforts to reopen businesses and reduce restrictions for people in public.

Yet with the new proposals to be presented to Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Ministers of 16 German states, it is safe to say that even the German Christmas markets are not safe from the axe, let alone the New Year’s Eve celebrations in cities like Berlin.  According to the German magazine Der Spiegel and the English-speaking news agency The Local, a draft is being presented, which calls for large-scale events to be cancelled through 31 October, with the possibility of extending the ban to the end of this year. If approved on both counts, it will mark the first time since the end of World War II that Germany experienced a total wipe-out of all large-scale events with more than 1000 people.  The ban is aimed at slowing the spread of CoVid 19. Exceptions for some events are possible if event organizers can come up with a hygiene concept that are in compliance with regulations and that contact tracing is guaranteed.

Currently, Germany has 188,910 confirmed cases of Corona Viruses, with the numbers stagnating with an average of 300 new cases daily. 8900 deaths have been reported. The government yesterday introduced the Corona Tracing app, designed to track the Corona hotspots while traveling through Germany. And travel restrictions have been lifted to only inner-European travel. Travelers going to and from non-European countries, such as Russia, the US or China, are facing a mandatory 14-day quarantine upon arrival into Germany.  Sadly, fears of a second wave are rising as the number of Corona cases in places, like the USA, many parts of Central and South America (especially Brazil) and China are increasing sharply with China reintroducing lockdowns in Peking and other cities. If and when the second wave is expected to hit Europe remains open. There is hope that medication to treat Corona may be available by the end of the year at the earliest, as clinical tests are being done in some places, like Great Britain and Germany.

Despite the lifting of lockdown restrictions, with the possible second wave coming and the high risks involving mass people visiting festivals, concerts and markets, the government is not taking any chances, which is having an enormous impact on businesses, organizers and planners alike. One case to look at are the event organizers, especially for rock concerts and the like. A guest article can be found here.

For now, stay healthy, stay safe and have a plan B if the event you plan to visit is called off- especially the Christmas markets.

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