What happened to “Stay home,stay safe”? All over the world, there is a wave of lifting the restrictions imposed for curtailing the coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic. In some countries who were the earliest to be affected by the virus, both infection rates and death rates seem to have been controlled. These countries have started easing restrictions on […]

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We’re currently at halftime in this fight against the Corona Virus in Germany, Europe, the US and the rest of the world. While many parts of the country are reopening for businesses and travel, other regions are bracing for the second wave and some countries, including and especially the USA, are picking fights with other countries and international organizations, thus bringing the conflict into a potentially fullfledged war. Many surveys have predicted that if President Trump wins a second term in November, there would be a third World War within two years. Already armed with nuclear weapons and no peace treaties, this is one to be taken very seriously.

But going back to the issue of Covid-19, the reopening of life after a two-month absence has caused a clear split in society. Proponents are happy that the lockdown is over and would like to see friends and welcome customers. Opponents fear the lockdown is too early and without a vaccine against Corona, the number of cases will increase.  But the issue of reopening is not just about being open, it’s about how people are handling the virus amidst the guidelines that are in place when in public, such as disinfectants and mouth masks, social distancing of up to 2 meters and limited capacity in public places. In this guest column, this writer sees more people neglecting these rules, thus putting themselves and others around them at risk of getting infected with Covid-19. According to the author, carelessness and ignorance is raising questions about whether or not the lifting of lockdowns was premature and whether the lockdowns should remain in place until a vaccination is found and available for use.  Have a look at the article via link and feel free to comment.


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