In early March 1945, German forces in France and the Low Countries were flooding back across the Rhine with American forces in close pursuit. Hitler intended to use the swift, deep, and wide Rhine River as a moat to stop the Allies while he concentrated on defeating the Russians in the East. He ordered all […]

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The event happened 75 years ago and a memorial dedicated to the battle of Remagen can be found today. It features the remaining bridge heads and a museum, which opened in 1980 and is dedicated to this historic event.  A celebration commemorating the event is scheduled to take place July 31- August 2 at the bridge site. A link to the website of the bridge and the events that follow can be found here.  

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This guest column is in connection with the recent events where China has been blamed for spreading Co-Vid 19 and bringing society to a standstill. One of the main blamers in this case is the US. In this article, the writer provides this advice to those who still hold China responsible for the Corona debacle: don’t. Take care of your mess first before pointing fingers for your wrong-doing.

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The spread of COVID-19 across the globe has affected lives of almost everyone in one way or another. Many have lost their loved ones; some are still battling for their lives and majority of humanity is caged within their own walls. The only question which looms in everyone’s mind is who is responsible for this tragedy? Could it have been averted?

Is the spread a deliberate attempt by Chinese govt. to take control of the word economy or all the governments have collectively failed in anticipating the disaster and China is just a scapegoat to clean their hands and hide the ineffectiveness of ministers, bureaucrats, researchers, scientists. Let’s sway through some ground breaking facts which will help us decide the real culprit.

Chronology of Events – Corona Virus

Some cases for unusual flu like symptoms were detected as early as 08 Dec 19 in Wuhan, China by Doctor Wenliang…

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