A 100-year-old war vet and his long-deceased twin brother have become “pandemic bookends” after both of them died in deadly outbreaks more than a century apart, according to his family. Philip Kahn, of Long Island, N.Y., died after contracting COVID-19, his grandson Warren Zysman shared on Facebook, after his passing. Zysman wrote that he finally […]

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Quarantine in Milan: here’s what it’s like in a coronavirus red zone.

Quarantine in Milan: here’s what it’s like in a coronavirus red zone.

Beginning May 4th, the Italian government will begin to lift some of the lockdown restrictions that have been in place. Since the middle of March, President Conte enforced what was considered one of the toughest CoVid lockdowns in the world where no one was to leave their homes unless they have to work or do the most essentials (food shopping or going to the pharmacy). All businesses were shut down, all public events were cancelled. This guest column looks at the city of Milan at the time of the lockdown. Have a look at the essay and photos. What does the lockdown look like from your home? Feel free to comment.

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First Easter and Easter Monday. Then, Italy’s Liberation Day on April 25, a national Italian holiday commemorating the end of Nazi occupation during World War II and the victory of the Resistance in Italy, and May 1, international workers’ day.
In any case, the “quarantine” in Milan and not only, facing the Coronavirus emergency, continues.
The emergency has imposed restrictions all over Italy and, as a result, the cities have completely emptied.
These are the squares and streets of Milan on a day in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic. Deserted streets, very few cars and people around.
And the restrictive measures, given the situation, are destined to remain in force, even when all this will be over.

Here’s what it’s like in a coronavirus red zone.
April 21, 2020

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