BHC Newsflyer: 24 April 2020

If this year’s Oktoberfest in Munich has been called off, no festival in Germany is safe- not even a Brückenfest- a weekend festival at a famous bridge in a German community. Here’s a list of cancellations for you to keep in mind as you plan to travel over the summer.

The Bridgehunter's Chronicles

Kraemerbruecke EF Kraemerbruecke in Erfurt at Christmas time. Photo taken in December 2010

Corona Special: The Cancellation of Bridge Festivals

In both the USA as well as Germany and other European countries, communities in the summer time host bridge festivals (in German: Brückenfest), where markets and festivities take place at their beloved historic bridge. This usually takes place on a weekend and attracts thousands of visitors from all corners of the world. Because of the pandemic CoVid-19, these events are either cancelled or are about to be cancelled or postponed because of the high risk of spreading the virus. And if the Oktoberfest in Munich gets cancelled for the first time since 1949, no bridge festival is safe. Hence the information in this week’s podcast, including links.

This week’s podcast:

And the headlines:

Krämerbrücke Festival in Erfurt Cancelled/ Erfurt mourns loss of longest tenant on the bridge:


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