Lockdown Rant: My Lockdown Wanderlust List

Lockdown Rant:  My Lockdown Wanderlust List

This guest column looks at the concept of Reiselust (the urge to travel) and the top ten places to visit after the Corona Lockdown is over. This American expatriate lives in Belgium and has a passion for European beer. Hence his top ten places to visit in connection with his favorite hobby. Enjoy!


As COVID-19 continues to decimate so many aspects of our lives, reflection and prioritizing become a more prominent part of our psychological health. Perhaps if there was a bright side to all of this, it is the rebooting of our sense of appreciation. It is a chance to clean out all the temp files and cookies from our cluttered souls. (not the chocolate chip kind… they can stay there)

Recently I took a solitary bike ride from my home in Lier, Belgium to the wonderful city of Leuven and back. Yes, it is not technically staying home and I acknowledge some feeling of guilt, despite the fact that I was never within 1.5 meters of anybody. There were many cyclists, joggers, mothers with strollers, never more than two people together unless they were parents and kids. But nevertheless I couldn’t help but get a sense that everyone collectively…

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