The chancellor has honed the CDU’s appeal to a wide range of voters – but suddenly the future of her party is in doubt Consider this, and in our time: a leftist political animal who thrives in one of the most hostile environments in contemporary Europe. After Prime Minister António Costa of Portugal and Mayor…

via Germany’s centre could break apart after Angela Merkel is gone | Thomas Meaney — AmaNews.PW

While Chancellor Angela Merkel has been praised for her handling of the Corona Virus in Germany, her days in office will eventually be numbered. In 2021 a new chancellor will be elected and the Christian Democrats are at the crossroads in terms of which direction it should go after Merkel steps down. It has already produced three Chancellors with over a half century of experience making Germany as it is today (Konrad Adenauer, Helmut Kohl and soon, Merkel herself).  Here’s an analysis by Thomas Meaney that shows some possible scenarios- many of them we have see glimpses of this year already.



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