Life lately under Corona lockdown in Germany

And another guest column on life during the CoVid 19 Lockdown in Germany. Enjoy! 🙂


The day people stayed home…

What goes around, comes around

The moment that the Corona virus arrived here in Germany, especially here in Bavaria, this saying had been hovering in my mind.Too bad that what goes around is something that we all doesn´t look forward to. It all took us all off- guard. Unprepared , confused, and scared, we slowly moved into social distancing. This saying is totally true in all sense right now. It´s been almost 24 days now that we stayed at home, and each day becomes a merciless repeat of yesterday’s innuendo. Amidst of this global Corona pandemic, we managed to stay safe, healthy and sane. This is the first time that I am personally experiencing this type of hysteria and yes, I have learned a lot. I guess these part of our lives will be set in history so I decided to made…

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Genre of the Week: A Natural Substitute by Patricia Enger


Author’s Comments:  This piece was written in connection with Easter, celebrated for the first time with empty churches but services televised on TV due to the Corona Virus. The author of this poem compares communion in a Catholic Church with that involving wildlife- in this case, the cardinal as a bird. This selected work should not be mixed up with another text on seeds of life and the blood of Christ by Archbishop Oscar Romero. The text was written in 1980 shortly before his assasination. Romeo’s Resurrection can be found here. The poem on Cardinals and Communion is below: 


The Cardinal was preparing for communion.

He carefully broke the seed, not the bread, and placed it in her opened mouth.

Easter Day makes me think a lot about communion.

Communion makes me think about the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church makes me think about my Mother…

And my Mother makes me think about the Church…and birds.

So many people craved the Church today…craved communion.

Instead, we stayed home. Stayed safe. Stayed….hungry.

I was reminded of how communion exists outside of the church…

Exists in different circumstances…exists in different species.

I’m praying now to be allowed to continue to participate….

To place nourishment on tongues.

And to discover if more than just a hint of charity is still in my heart;

I’m not the same person that I was a short time ago.

I realize now that the communion I seek isn’t offered only in a cathedral.

It’s found wherever I may gaze or wander….

Even perched on the tray of a snow-covered bird feeder.