In a large windowless room in the bowels of the CIA, there is a sign that reads Every day is September 12th. When I first saw those words, during a tour of the agency’s operations, I felt conflicted. As a New Yorker who witnessed the 9/11 attacks, I once felt that way myself, but by […]

via The 9/11 Era Is Over — NOQTA

This article, produced by The Atlantic, is one everyone must read. Since September 11, 2001, the global community has been living under fear that terrorists may conquer vast amounts of land at the costs of thousands of lives. Since the onset of CoVid 19, which has killed more people than during the “War on Terrorism,” and brought our lives to a complete standstill, we are starting to see that there are other issues that need to be addressed before one more dollar is spent for a single bullet, tank or even nuclear weapon. This article talks about the end of The War on Terror and the beginning of a concerted effort to fight the problems that are more detrimental to our planet than just a group of bandits. Enjoy and feel free to comment below. ❤