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While CoVid 19 has taken hold on almost every aspect of life, schools in many states are finding creative ways to honor not only their athletes, but in the case of American schools, the high school seniors- the class of 2020.  For most of the graduates this is the most painful time for they are literally forced to forego many of the traditional events that happen during the spring, such as high school prom, baccalaureate, meeting friends and throwing parties, music competition and concerts, high school graduation,

and especially (and in this case), sports.

The Be the Light campaign originated in Texas, but schools in many states have joined in the campaign to light up the stadiums in the evenings for 20 minutes and 20 seconds to honor the high school seniors. Part of the campaign stemmed from the film Field of Dreams, produced in 1989, where baseball (and softball) stadiums are lit up for games in the evenings, where there are large crowds watching and cheering for their favorite team. This one is different for the stadiums are empty but the lights are on in honor of the students who should be playing sports and hanging out in school, but may not be able to walk the halls for the rest of the year, let alone receive their high school diploma for graduation. It has already happened in South Dakota, where the state has shut down school for the rest of the year. Should CoVid 19 continue to keep communities empty, other states may follow suit.

The Be the Light campaign has received a wide array support in places like Minnesota. There, as many as 200 schools are taking part in the stadium lighting ritual every night at 8:00pm during the week of April 6th to April 10th, and then again every Monday night as long as the schools are closed down. Minnesota, like other states, are eyeing a reopening date of the first week of May, but that may change pending on the current situation.


These two pictures, taken by Katie Stai, shows one of the baseball stadiums being lit as part of the Be the Light campaign. This was taken at Wacker Field in Jackson, Minnesota. According to the local newspaper, because both this baseball field and its nearby football field (Sweringen Field) are only a few hundred meters apart from each other, the school board will be lighting both sporting complexes for the given duration of 20 minutes and 20 seconds in an alternating fashion. This week, it’s Wacker’s turn. Next week, Sweringen is up.

What a way to honor the Class of 2020, however……


How are schools in your home country (Germany, Canada, Europe, Asia, etc.)  honoring the graduating class of 2020?

What other events are being arranged so that the classmates of 2020 can meet for one last time and celebrate?

Feel free to comment in the section below. 🙂

Stay safe and healthy, everyone. ❤


Lessons of Equality and Humanity taught by Corona

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Corona has taught us a great lesson of equality because it doesn’t discriminate anyone on the basis of Race, Color, Faith or wealth. We have been preached the lesson of equality for long but we have developed a habit of learning it the hard way. This deadly virus has set the example for us. It doesn’t infect any one on the basis of superiority or inferiority.

We have to learn the art of equality to serve humanity without any discrimination. We have to help each other out.We have to join hands together to face this trauma. We can only fight this pandemic with mutual cooperation because It has devastated the people of more than 170 countries. It has badly affected Italy ,Spain,China,Germany, Iran because the death rates are very high there. Even the super powers seem powerless before it.Super Powers like USA , UK and France have a large number…

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