Less is More- Activities

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After having looked at the different forms of more and most as well as their opposites (click here to view them), we have a couple exercises for you to do so that you have an opportunity to use them. When you are finished with them, click onto this link here to get to the answer sheet.

More or Not:

Look at the following adjectives and determine whether the use of more and most apply or not. Mark with Y for yes or N for no.

  1. Impressive
  2. Greedy
  3. Angry
  4. Impulsive
  5. Insistent
  6. Sad
  7. Happy
  8. Excited
  9. Pale
  10. Busy
  11. Stressed
  12. Authoritative
  13. Tough
  14. Fair
  15. Beautiful
  16. Ugly
  17. Picky
  18. Disgusted
  19. Furious
  20. Peaceful


Multiple Choice:

Choose the correct word in each sentence.

  1. Colin could have ______________ told us about the accident last night instead of running off.
  • Least
  • Less
  • At least
  • Little


2. Frank smiles ________________. He always makes a serious look when we take pictures.

  • The least
  • The most
  • Less
  • More


3. Dorothea is ___________________ of the students in her class. Her IQ matches that of Einstein’s.

  • The least intelligent
  • The less intelligent
  • Intelligentest
  • The most intelligent


4. We have a choice between selling our business and taking out a loan. We need to ___________________________

  • Make the best of the situation
  • Choose the lesser of the two evils
  • Choose the option with least resistence
  • Do nothing.


5. And _________________________, before we open the festivities, we need to bring the wedding cake to the restaurant.

  • Least of all
  • Last but not least
  • More of all
  • More or less.


6. _________________________! We should have left some meat out of our presentation!

  • Less is more!
  • More is everything!
  • Last but not least!
  • Above all!


7. Clarinda is the __________________ of the women on the wrestling team. She may be 17 years old but she has a height of 5 feet even.

  • Smallest
  • Most tiny
  • Littlest
  • Least tiny


8. Instead of playing with your Smartphone, you could have ______________ paid attention and not crashed into that tree!

  • At least
  • At the latest
  • The least
  • Less


9. You are not going anywhere _____________ you clean that room of yours! It’s a real mess!

  • Less
  • Least
  • Unless
  • The least


10. _________________ Bill could have done was inform the landlord of the water damage in the bathroom.

  • The least
  • At least
  • Lest
  • Both a & b


11. There are ______________ on the streets today than normal. We would have 400 or more visitors at any given day and not 20.

  • Few
  • Fewer
  • Fewest
  • Least


12. There is ____________ milk in the gallon jug. Who took a drink?

  • Fewer
  • Less
  • Smaller
  • Least


13. The sandwiches at the snack shop are _____________ then normal. Are they cutting back on the fixings or what?

  • Smaller
  • Less
  • Fewer
  • More


14. There are __________ bikes than usual because of the expanded bike trail network.

  • More
  • Most
  • Less
  • Least


15. The number two is _______________ four in this equation.

  • Greater
  • Less than
  • The least
  • More than



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