Photo Flick Nr. 14 Corona Special: The Class of 2020

Class of 2020

Artist Kaitlyn Kirian of the US state of Ohio sketched a heart-breaking picture of the graduating class of 2020. And looking at it closely, it says it all.  Most of the graduates will not be able to enjoy the festivities as their preceding classes, such as final examinations, prom, the graduation ball (dance), the graduation itsself as a person walks to the podium to formally receive his/her diploma, and the celebrations that go along with it, and lastly, one last chance to get together with friends before parting ways into the unknown future.

And unknown it will be for this class, especially in the times of CoVid 19. We’re living through the times that their great-grandparents had live through during the Great Depression and World War II, and society as we had known before the lockdowns will never be the same after this virus outbreak.  We will have to adapt to new norms and prioritize what is “lebenswichtig” (important for our lives) and what is not. For the Class of 2020, their newest function in life is to adapt to changes. This one will be the hardest to do. Yet like the generations before them, they will get used to the new norm.

We just have to show them by adapting to it as well.