via German state of Bavaria heads for full coronavirus lockdown — Les Vraies Infos

Bavaria became the first state to impose a state-wide lockdown in response to the Corona Virus. The announcement came at 12:00 noon today during a press conference by state prime minister Söder. As a reaction, eight other states have followed similar measures, including Saxony, Lower Saxony, Hesse and Saarland. Chances are likely that a nationwide shutdown similar to Italy, Spain and France could happen by Monday next week. Details in the article.


Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Corona Virus Speech


Berlin at sunrise. Brandenburg Gate. An eery scene for a city that is the hotspot for culture, entertainment and social gatherings. Ever since the start of the week, namely March 16th, everything has shut down but the bare-essentials. Those who can work from home are supposed to do. It is unknown how long this will last, but for those who do not understand what we’re in for, we have a speech presented by Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, with English subtitles, that will explain why.

These are the times and we must prepare for and deal with for a long, undefined period of time. Only God knows when it will end. For now, we must act different than before this lockdown to protect ourselves and others, young and old.