Photo Flick Nr. 12: Corona- The Last Roll of Toilet Paper

the last toilet paper

And so it begins: Empty shelves, empty hopes. Everything we’ve fought for until now has been wasted, just like the last roll of toilet paper. These are the times and the worst has yet to come…

We may not know how long this will last. But we do know this: what we’ve wasted now we will regret in the end, as the last roll is used, the last shelf is emptied, the last store has closed, the last stock market has crashed and the last government of the old order has collapsed.

And in the end, when all of this is over, we will face a new environment we have to embrace, with lessons to be learned and utilized. What we’ve lived now we will not live in the future.

For what we’ve wasted will be saved and what our children do, our society, our planet will be saved.



My thoughts in connection with the Corona Virus and its subsequent consequences that await us.