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Here at Everyday Carry we?ve been dedicated to finding you the best gear to carry in the spirit of preparedness. In light of the recent coronavirus pandemic, you might be wondering what changes you can make to your EDC to stay safe, healthy, and prepared. The reality is the best measures you can take to do your part in the fight against this pandemic are opposite of what it traditionally means to be an EDCer. Rather than staying on the go with pockets full of gear, it?s recommended that you stay inside, work from home if you have the privilege to, cancel social events and gatherings, and practice social distancing and healthy hygiene. In this post we?ll provide some tips and resources to help us all stay safe during this time.

What are useful things to carry during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic?

Ideally, you wouldn?t need…

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Day 7: Quarantine it is

Emily S. Rankin, Ed.S., FCCT

Monday, March 16

344 cases of COVID-19. Free movement banned, with the exception of necessary trips such as to buy food, go to the hospital or travel to work (though remote working is strongly encouraged). Social distance: 2 meters, minimum. Masks on public transit.Contactlesspayments only.No taxis, sports, visiting friends, etc.One difference from other quarantines: Walks in nature allowed with social distancing

You can catch me at my kitchen table this evening, hand-sewing my own face mask with the aid of a Youtube tutorial. Yet another notch on the “I never imagined myself doing this” post; we’ve gone well past the realm of normalcy here in Czechia.

Why the face mask? Well, A) today the entire country is in quarantine through March 24, and face masks are mandatory for necessary public transit travel – yet none are anywhere to be found for purchase. Face masks are…

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