Day 4: Privilege check

Emily S. Rankin, Ed.S., FCCT

IMG_6190Friday, March 13

120 cases of COVID-19. 4,800 people quarantined. Borders close; ban on entering The Czech Republic for all foreigners except foreigners with residence permits. Czech citizens and foreigners with residence permits are banned from leaving the country. The spread of coronavirus is newly classified as a crime, with up to 12 years in prison.

My commuting bus – #136 – is virtually empty this morning. Normally the bus is standing room-only, but now the scant passengers all have seats and we are spaced a good 6 feet or more apart. Note the caution tape disallowing anyone from going through the very front door, to keep the driver protected.

My privilege is all at once glaringly apparent to me. Although I’m headed to school today, I’m fortunate to have a job I can work remotely, if we are confined to our homes. I’ll continue to receive a paycheck…

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