Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!

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Writer – Richard Feynman

Genre – Science, Memoirs

Mode – E-book

How I came across this book – Had previously read another one of the books in this series of Richard and was later suggested this one by a friend, also doing this as an assignment for a friend, so it might be long.

Expectations- Not a lot to expect, the book will be similar to the ones before by Feynman, which were collection of memoirs of his life.

Review - The book was collection of different events of Feynman’s life prior to him becoming a Noble Prize winner and his recognition after it, with insights into his life and his views on life and Science. We get glimpses into life of one of the greatest scientist, physicist, teacher and above all a human of recent age.

Few of the things constant through all of the book is his ground…

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