The Book Thief

Sarvodaya Singh

Writer – Markus Zusak

 Genre – Historic Fiction

Mode – Paperback

How I came across this book – Just another day in library and I stumble across this book and for all the praises it had, it deserved a read.

Review –  A book which I expected to be about books, it was actually about it but the books weren’t the front runners like in say, ‘If on a Winter’s Night Traveler’. 

It is a story about a girl Leisel Meminger, 11 years old living in Nazi Germany with Communist Parents. Every new book I read about Nazi Germany takes me through a new story, all of them are inter related because of their big villain but somehow each of them is different in its own lovely way. I thought I knew a lot about then German culture/ thinking of that time after all the reading but that wasn’t it.

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