Our Home, Our World



Our home is our world

The lights are on as you enter

The people greet you with hugs and kisses

They also welcome you with open arms

The food is on the table and you are hungry.



Our home is our world

There are people who are religious

There are people who love to laugh

There are people you haven’t seen in years

There are all in one house, loving you

No matter who you are.


Our home is our world

We talk about our lives, marriages, births and the like

We talk about politics- all the things we don’t like

We talk about our successes- and how we got far

We talk about our failures- and get advice on how we can get far

We talk about our idols growing up- and where they are now

We talk about ourselves and where we are now.


Our home is our world

Where tradition reigns

Where new things change

Where we are who we are

Where we love others for who they are

Where our place of birth,

Where our place of childhood,

Where our place where we set our marks

How they all are the same after all these years.

Where our home is our world

And our home has never felt so great.


This poem is dedicated to one of my relatives who passed away a couple weeks ago after a long battle with heart disease. He lived a very long life, one that was fruitful and one that was characterized by one thing: His openness. He welcomed everyone. He had a great sense of humor- his laugh one can never match. But he was a man of many words, high morals and a library full of advice for all who needed it.  He will be missed by many but the memories will live on. May you rest in peace. ❤


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