Another (guest) poem in memory of Kobe Bryant.



Young with a smile so bright, on the court you lit up the night,

Wizard of the bouncing ball, for twenty years you gave your all.

Down the floor with a magical touch, a fake and a dribble to the left,

Down the court, you drive, into the air, under your leg, slam dunk!

From city to city you traveled, left your mark on many a basketball floor,

Most valuable player, championships of five, you were a force of magical delight.

Kobe, the court is empty, your spirit does jump shots in the dark of night,

For eternity you are a champion in some heavenly light, where are you tonight?

The staple center will forever be your second home, now in a spiritual world you roam,

Shoot that ball! listen to the cheers from all souls that will hear, daughter so dear.

The buzzer sounds…

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