Today, the BBC News reported on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz on 27th January 1945. The overriding tone of the reports was a fear that people might forget what happened. One of the survivors commented that if you ask a young person what they know about Auschwitz, they might reply, “Who’s he?” […]

via Never Ever Again — Caramel (Learner at love)

January 27th will mark the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of the concentration camp at Auschwitz. Survivors of the camp, world leaders and thousands of visitors will be commemorating the event, this inspite the growing conflicts and issues of global warming that is at the foremost of the minds of the majority. Auschwitz was the worst of the concentration camps during the Third Reich. Between 1940 and 1945, up to 1.5 million people perished here. While the liberation occurred 75 years ago, many of us are starting to forget the event while worrying about the future. Yet as you can see in this guest column, one can never forget Auschwitz, the persecution of Jews and minorities by Hitler and his cronies, and the policies that created World War II. What we can learn from the past can help us understand ourselves in the present and prevent a conflict of similar nature in the future. It is up to our generation and those of the future to ensure that such an atrocity never happens again to anyone regardless of background.