In Wannsee
down at the water next to the Haus of the Wannsee Conference you find a big
statue of a lion. The Germans call it the Flensburger Löve – but the original
name of the lion is Isted Løven or the Lion of Isted. Isted was the location of
the biggest battle ever in Scandinavia on 25 July 1850. The battle ended in a
decisive Danish victory which led to the victory in the first Schleswig war.

The lion

The victory
in the first Schleswig war was very significant for the Danish national feeling
and secured for a while Schleswig was united to the rest of Denmark which had
shared a common history and language for a millennium. Hence it was decided to
make a monument to commemorate the battle. It was decided to put the monument
of the lion not in Isted where the battle took place or…

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